Stringway MS140-LS-TH+TH18

$ 630.41


Stringway MS140-LS-TH+TH18

Product Description

* Stringway MS200 technique in a portable machine.

* Very accurate and very reliable spring-driven constant pull system.

* Automatic lock of the tension head.

* “Knot function” raises tension in 4 steps of 0,5 kg

* Hybrid drive system for up to 72 lbs (32 kg) (with optional small weight)

* High tech turntable with screw spindle for maximum accuracy and stiffness.

* 5-point direct racquet support system.

* With one Double and one triple flying clamp.

* To use fixed on a table or stand.

* Small, light, and compact for easy storage, setup.

This document shows the comparison between the MS140 and the ML100’s.

This document shows the comparison between the MS140 and the ML100’s.

The MS140 has  a 4 point Direct racquet mounting with screw spindle for maximum stiffness and accuracy.

This video shows the evertything a stringer needs to know about the MS140.

The use of the 5p racquet support is shown in the videos of other SW machines..

You can download the manual of the MS140 when you click on this pdf picture


For some opinions about the MS140 go to /from users/ reviews or click on this link.


These are some general opinions about this machine:

The features of the MS140 are:

In red the 3 feautures on the L and not on the N.

  • Weight of the machine is less than 7  kg including 2 flying clamps.
  • The machine is clamped on the table for stringing
  • Tension head with automatic lock in the starting position.
  • The tension is adjusted with the wheel at the end of the frame and with a scale on top of the frame.
  • The tension can be raised or lowered in 0,5 kg steps with the red lever.

  • The tension system can easily be calibrated by the user with the calibrator that comes with the machine.
  • The turntable can clamp the maximum size tennis racquet (L inside = 38 cm).
  • The direct racquet support is adjustable very accurately with a screw / spindle which also takes the forces of the main strings.
  • The table can be locked in 6 position.
  • The tensioner works with a spring like with the foot operated MS200
  • Very Accurate constant pull action.
  • Very consistent tension (From minute 1,50 In the video you can see that the MS140 system pulls 24,85 kg repeatedly with less than 0,05 kg difference.
  • Tension range 17 to 29 kg (38 – 62 lbs. (with optional badminton weight up to  32 kg (70 lbs).
  • The MS140L can be used clamped on a table or on our stand.
  • The stand is not adjustable but available in 80 and 86 cm height.